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Carroll Signs! (Own Cast)

El Paraguay Guy

Thrust In Motion - Antonio’s Celebrations Decoded

Take Your Whistle and F**k Off

Edin Hazard Don’t Sign Džeko!!!

Pellardyce - Hammers Go Long Ball

Rolls Rice

Billy Bites Your Bum

Hammer and Nail Salon

Uppity Clipperty Klopp

Yah Mo Be There

All Hands on Dec

Introducing Woke Sullivan

Staying Up With The Decorations

Chariot of the Snods

Arthur Masuaku 2 - On The Rocks

City Win Inevitable, Say Experts

...And We Don’t Care. Alvin Martin Part 2

Alvin Martin: He’s Got No Hair

Farewell to Yarms

Rice Makes Pudding of Mourinho

Whelans: Conduit to the Gods, Says Whelans

Dirty Sanchez

Hair Imagery Discussed in Modern Football

What would Elon do?

When The Fun Stops, Start

An Old-Fashioned Kicking In Montevideo

Lobbed Seaman From 35 Yards

Never Write Off The Canadians

Panama Cigar-On

Never Write Off The Kung Fu Dentist

It's All A Fix

Never Write Off Fat Ronaldo


Sullivan Out Says Moyes

This Means Warnock

Carroll Heads Home Twice in 4-1 Defeat

My Hart Will Go On… Letting Goals In

Pea Shooter

Bungalow For Sale

Blood And Popcorn

1-2 Home Win Predicts Geographically Challenged Man

Whistleblowers: Playground Players


Brush With Disaster

David Moyes' Claret and Blue Arny

Fiery Mayhem

Rob Phils In

Injury Lawyers 4 U

C'mon Phil The Moyes

Amoyesing Groyce

All Hail The Moyes'iah

Moyes in the black stuff

Moyes Я Us

Moyes Keep Swinging

Moyez to Men - The Whistleblowers

Moyes The Pity

Ayew 'Avin A Laugh?

Golden Showers, Golden Memories

Rice Hatrick Saves Bilic's Job, Imagines Man

Hart’s Not In It


Best 11: Hart's Not In It

Little Pead Off

Arnautović 2nd Red Card Preview

Ayew Experienced?

"There is a Fire Drill"

Are You West Ham In Disguise?

37 Games To Save Our Season

Hammers Crush Red Devils Predicts Idiot

Hip Hip Hooray

Wagner Wagner What's The Score?

Least Worst Hammertime of The Year

Safety Announcement

You say Lukaku, I say Masuaku

Hammers Stumble In Relegation Push

WHU Poetry Smackdown

Relegation disaster special

We’re Not West Ham Anymore?

Men of Men of Iron

Trump at right wing back

We Love You big tits

Andy Carrolls Communist Witchhunt


Mike Dean, Schrodinger’s prat

Wantaway Post - I Want Champions League

Simply The Best

You Lose Some You Lose Some

It’s All Up for Grabs

Lukaku, The Case For #Brexit

Wilkonnen, Bien Venue, Welcome Chelsea Brexiters

Respect The Point Says Ex-England Manager

Hog Roast United PLC

The Hateful 8 (goals Conceded)

Premature Evacuation

R.E.(Antoni).O Speedwagon

Stick It Up Your Sticker Book

Housewarming Party

French SemiOn

The Smell On Joachim Low's Finger

The Green Street Grass of Home - #FarewellBoleyn

Thick and Fast (Remastered Version)

Vive Le Laque Libre


All Four Won and One For All

Help Me Obiang, You're Our Only Hope

Danger UX-Knee

The Alex Song Spectacu-lacular

The Hateable Eight West Hams Unbeaten Run

Pre-Boxing Day Post Xmas Day Special

Christmas At Sullivan Towers

Swansea v West Ham Preview

The Turner Prize

Stoke Preview

Westfield of Dreams

Oh, Oh Antonio

Mr Boombastic

McCarthy Hate Campaign Day One

Gilbert and David Sullivan

Billy Ray Cyrus West Ham Legend

May The Fourth Be With You

Canary Saves Pigeon Warewolf Looks On

Argon: As Good For You Today As Its Always Been

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

Jim Grant Farewell Old Friend

Croatian Run Down Chart 2

Fiery Madness

All Croatian Music Explained

The Phil Parkes Special - LIVE!

Farewell Sam, Hello Success


Your Invitation To Party With a Giant

The Winger That Time Forgot

Hughes The Daddy

Bar Mitzvah Boy

Sakho Spuds

We Won Wun Wun

Carlton,The Human Boomerang

Diamonds Aren't Forever

More Whine, Sir?

Sam's Three Steps To Kevin

The George Parris Special - S!HT LIVE Part 2

Airmiles For Parris

Big Sam's Positions Of Maximum Orgasm

Go Fourth And Multiply

Mrs Noble, We Love You

Definitely Maybe Not

Can You Feel The Fourth

Diamond Geezers

Power-dressing, In Love With Kouyate

Alex Song's Helmet Pelmet

Gordon's Dad or Valencia

Horlicks, Cocoa, Vodka


Carlton Cole's Self-Controlling Balls

The Chimp Paradox Sponsored By KFC

We've All Bitten Someone

ENGLAND SPECIAL! Penalties Preview

It'll Go To Penalties Episode 2

Never Write Off The Germans - World Cup 2014 Preview

World Cup 2014 Preview

The Julian Dicks Special

Sack It and See

We Don't Know What You're Doing

A Mexican Yawn

Abseiling Down Bobby Moore

Sing When We're Losing

Boo When We're Winning

Lazy Susanne

Back in The Game

Stand Up If You're Standing Up

12 Years A Squad Player

I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea

Licked By A Police Horse

Krissmas Cheer

Andy Carroll: The Long Walk To Freedom

Snowed Off

No Score Draws - The New Wins

There's Only One Peter Osgood

Vaz Te For England

Bag of Ravel's

West Ham Cock Quiz

6 Shots And Counting

Scared of Flair

Stealing The Back Post

Giggity Giggity Goal!

Not Wading but Downing

End of Season Wrap Party

Deconstructing Harry

Don Perretta Bathes With the Lobsters

Gary O'Neil the Hoarse Whisperer

A Horse with No Name

Jim Loves Ginger Nuts

Is that your Vinyl Answer?

Height = Goal, Live!

Sport's Game - England's Favourite Pastime

Di Canio's Italian Job

Bobby Moore's Claret and Blue Army

The Double Don One With Sam

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