Having a network of podcasts sharing a similar demographic gives Playback enormous reach and advertisers a simple cost-effective solution to reach potential customers. Podcast advertising can enable advertisers and sponsors to reach potential customers more effectively than almost any other form marketing.

Why? Podcast listeners actively request the programme they’re listening to, they’re rarely passive like a radio audience. They have requested a programme that specifically interests them, it’s not background noise. Furthermore, most are listening through headphones, heightening their attention and our listeners know we have integrity, that we won’t recommend any products that don’t believe in.

“‘Playback’ podcasts worked out very well. They gave positive ROI and because of the large and loyal following the podcasts had, it really helped build a bit more love and a lot of new business for Betfair.┬áThe team have an acute sense for how to whip up good sentiment and turn it into new business. That’s why I plan to work with them again soon.” Nick Garner, Betfair

“Within 24 hours of promoting my Spurs book Lilywhite & Blue on the
Spurs Show, Amazon had sold out and were begging me for more inventory!”
Jeff Maysh, Author, Lilywhite & Blue

Successful campaigns last season were carried on behalf of Coca-Cola, Betfair, Paddy Power, Skive Creative and Vision Sport Publishing.

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