About Us

Playback Media was borne of out of the principles ability to put together great entertainers, compelling content and the technology to deliver it in a new form.

Our podcasts usually consist of a the type of programming that does fall into under the remit of national or local radio, but still has a large enough audience to justify a dedicated show. It’s niche programming. Big niche programming. A football team may have 250,000 fans out there eager to be entertained, but no local radio station is going to give up 35 minutes prime airtime dedicated to just one team. So we fill that gap.

Playback’s star turns are our dedicated football team related podcasts, that not only entertain thousands of fans, but continue to perform well against wider publicised podcasts from national broadcasters and newspapers. The Spurs Show, Footballistically Arsenal and Heart and Hand have all been iTunes Number 1 podcasts, (as have our previous works Alan Davies’s ‘It’s Up For Grabs Now’ and ‘It’ll Go To Penalties‘).

Having a network of podcasts sharing a similar demographic gives Playback Media podcasts enormous reach and advertisers a simple cost-effective solution to reach potential customers. In return listeners get top flight entertainment, delivered guerilla style for free!

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