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Heart and Hand Extra - League Cup Semi Preview

Sasa Papac's Special Area

Heart and Hand Extra - St. Johnstone Preview

Your Questions Answered v4.0

Heart and Hand Extra - The Founders Trail

The Law of Templeton

Heart and Hand Extra - Hamilton Preview

Mutants Post-Mortem

Heart and Hand Extra - Mutants Preview

A questionable defence

Heart and Hand Extra - Partick Thistle Preview

Back to the 90s

Heart and Hand Extra - Dundee Preview

Your questions answered v3.0

Heart and Hand Extra - The Follow Follow Fanzine

Fox in the Box and Mutts Nuts

Heart and Hand Extra - Ross County Preview

Firing Blanks

Heart and Hand Extra - Hearts Preview

Not so much lost as Beaton

Heart and Hand Extra - Dunfermline analysis and Hibs preview

Hola Senor Doorans!

Heart and Hand Extra - Kevin Thomson

We've spoken to experts

They had no idea how high this went

Your questions answered v2.0

Like cheap toilet paper

It's good to be back

TFI Finished

Violating God's Plans

Applicants and Supplicants

Not easy listening


Hiding Dinosaurs

Sheep shearing

Same chat-up lines and still not scoring

So many questions

Mugging you off


Borderline Challenges

A philosophical bent

Phoning It In

The 'what a week that was' Pod Special

Bonus Pod - Scot Takeover!!

Going full Tony Mowbray

Nobody remembers the 6th man on the moon

Back in the old days

A very small one

Blowing our own trumpet

Cause we've got...

We should be heroes

Heading the Moon

Truncated but still great

Excessive Orgies

Three up, none down

We've Seen More Square Balls Than a Lego Hooker

Sexy Yoda

Like an Ian Dury record played at the wrong speed

Interactive Mode

Dog this and dog that


As much fun as a party at Keith Vaz's house

Seeing through blue eyes

Giving it out and taking it

A pair of old (drama) queens


A big Dutchman that's past his best

Big season-opening massive pod thingy

Battles, Blame but Barton and the Brilliance of Being a Bear

Scottish Cup Final Preview

Wobbling Like Miss Bum-Bum

Semi-Final Old Firm GIRUY Special

Two Down, One to Go

Wolfsburg Yes, Wolf Bagging No

Invent Your Own Pod

Harry Forrester's Breathtaking Scrotum

Player of the Season (So Far)

Discombobulate Them When We're On Top

Dirty Hippy Women

Quit whining, losers

The Bribe Room


International Week Quarterly Review Special

Biggie and Tupac

£99 Stun Gun Bargain

The Power of Dove

Speaking like 19th Century Landowners

The 'Snatched Victory From The Jaws of Defeat' pod

The Ghost of John Eustace

Magic Hat

National Orgasm Day

Play-Off Round-Up

An Erotic Marcel Marceau

The Pod's Own Lee McCulloch

A Nation Rejoices

Shiny Happy People Laughing

Something Approaching Competence

A Slightly Sticky Blizzard


There's a New Sheriff in Town - and He's Ginger

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