Summerbee’s City Archive

The Real Deal

Legs Eleven

Chest of Draws

Bring on the A***

Simply The Best

Carlos Silences the Kop

Lousy Neighbours

It’s What Champions Do


Give Doku Jack's Boots

Buzzer Phil

Happy Nacky Aké

Oscar Winner

Give Me Five

Happy Blue Year

Champions of the World

Edward and Mrs Timpson

Steptoe and Son

Hoppers Blooper. Will It Cost Us?

It’s Panto Time With Charlie Drake

Palmer Drama

The Shining

Silva Lining

Milner On Toast

Sri Lanka’s Loss Will Be City’s Gain!

Horses For Courses


Rodri You Plonker

250th Time Lucky!

Alex Williams MBE - You Saw Me Standing Alone

Oh Sarah

Was He Wasn’t He?

Bring on the Boredom

Primary School Line Up

Here We Go Again!

City Are Back

Not In Our Lifetime

2 Down 1 To Go

Strictly 10 Out of 10

The Positive Podcast

Give ‘im a Statue

Gundo Pays The Penalty

Because He’s Worth It

What A Time To Be A City Fan

The Bayern Tapestry

A large Can of WD40


First Legend Once Removed


Swiss Army knife

Ask Your Grandad

We Need To Talk About Kalvin

Three On The Bounce

The Mad Professor

Don’t Pannick

Cancelo Cancelled

Why Always Three?

Off-Side? What Off-Side?

…He’s Tenth in the League

Who’s Sarah Messenger?

A True Blue

Pep Talk - The Words and Wisdom of the Catalan Master

Simon Curtis - City in Europe

A Waste of Time

Business as Usual

The Sky Blue’s the Limit

A Good Stroke


Doherty Better Than Unremarkable Haaland

Why Always Him

Derby Day Excitement

No Flak For Jack

Cancelling Football - an Own Goal?

Too Short, Too Long, Too Hard

Hats Off To Haaland

Maximum Saint Maximin

From Pen to Zen

Slow Out of The Blocks

Champions Again

Fingers Crossed

Deci and Fuzzy

Who Blinks First?

Jesus, God Bless Him

Cross with Jesus

Carry on Hugging

Stop Oh Yes, Wait A Minute With The Records

See You at Port Vale

Blue Ketchup


Ice Bath, Not Heat Map

The Lisa Love-In

That Son-Kane Feeling

Valentines Day Special

Counting the Minutes

The Cloning of Pep

The Slightly Disappointing Podcast

Wythenshawe Wonderkid

A Shoo-in for the League

Raheem One Pen

Boring Boring City

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