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FA Cup Half Empty

Nigel Goes To Monaco

S Class

Tower Of Power

Jesus Wept

City On Speed

How Do You Pronounce Jesus

Birthday Biscuits

Tortured Poet

It was an orange card

Pass Of The Century

3 Letters short of Fernandinho

If Only

Thirty Seven Year Old Paul Robinson

Hip-Hip Toure

150 Not Out

It’s All In The Name

Messi Time in Barca

Work In Progress REMIX

Will The Real Kolarov Please Stand Up

British Isles Toure

A Night Out In Port Talbot

Nolito’s Cuddle

Marriner All At Sea

Absence Makes The Hart Grow Fonder

Ethics Is Next To Sussex

From Fortress to Bouncy Castle

Manuel's Fare Not So Well

1 In 20 Million

We are the Real Deal

Wee Not Really Here

Put A Sock In It

Once In A Blue Moon

Consistently Inconsistent

A Period Drama

Willy Cabahero

Kiev The Blue Flag Flying

Mark Of Incompetence


Pep? Si!

Activate Yaya

Freddie Hill Shuffle

Toure Party

Wat a Finish

There Is No Defence

Mrs Yaya Reid

G'Owen For The Quadruple

China and Silvaware

The Klopp Is Ticking

Jesus Of Navasareth

We've Got Nicolas Otamendi

Making A Point At The Swamp

Lets Give Them A Seville Beating

Our Willy Didn't Work

The Kevin De Bruyne Stand

The Man City Birthday Show

The Shoreditch Bartender

The Fake Man City Show

Yaya’s Bottom's Getting Smaller

Sterling's Value Rises

Touched by a Golden Glove

Joe Loves Nasri 4 Eva

Pellegrini Earns His Spurs

An Injection Of Youth

The Hart Of The Matter

Looking Up Not Down

United In Despair

Bony and the Bellend

A Tale of Two Cities

Do We Need a Pep Talk?

The King Enjoys 69

Pissing Up The Kippax

Bring Back The Football Pink

Jesus What a Cross!

Let’s Bridge That Gap

We Missed Bony

Being Put Through The Mangala

Demichelis Up Front?

The Two Fernands In A Pear Tree

When In Rome...

Keeping Up With The Jones'

Christmas Jumper Season

Bring Back Guidetti… Or Samaras

Oliver’s (Red) Army

Aguero Falls Short

Badbuy Bradbury

Manc Lampard

Eli, Eli, OH

Clattenburg's A Goon

The Man City Wifecast

Champions Visit The Etihad

Earth Nil - Heaven One

Keeping Willy Out

Stone The Crows

World Cup 2014 Preview

World Cup 2014 Preview

Played it Like a Bastard - The Champions Podcast


The Goals Don’t Move

Bell Better Than Best

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