Summerbee’s City Archive

Ilkay Leads the Way

From Pen to Zen

Slow Out of The Blocks

Champions Again

Fingers Crossed

Deci and Fuzzy

Jesus, God Bless Him

Cross with Jesus

Carry on Hugging

Stop Oh Yes, Wait A Minute With The Records

See You at Port Vale

Blue Ketchup


Ice Bath, Not Heat Map

The Lisa Love-In

Valentines Day Special

Counting the Minutes

The Cloning of Pep

The Slightly Disappointing Podcast

Wythenshawe Wonderkid

A Shoo-in for the League

Raheem One Pen

Boring Boring City

He’s Not Really Here

Love is in the Air

Chunky Steak Pie

Are City So Good They’re Boring?

Manchester IS Blue

Creativity or Spontaneity?

Stay Strong Guido

The B Team

Cop That Liverpool

Non, Je ne Regrette Rien

Pep Talk

Raducanu Trumps Bernardo

City’s Sorcerers

Jesus On The Cross

You Can’t Mend Mendy

A Kane Shaped Basket

The Rule Of Four

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Quadruple On The Line



Adios Agüero?

Leave It To The Grown Ups

Snail Porridge

Records Are There To Be Broken


Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee

Ederson To Be Furloughed

Don’t Write Sergio Off

A Pint Of Bromine

Always A Pleasure Never A Chorley

Scapegoats Season

What Would Bill Shankly Say?

Champion’s League First, Premier League Second

My Bottom Points Downwards

Things Can Only Get Better

A Rolling Stones Gathers No Moss

The Village Idiot

Nuttall's Mintoes vs Werther's Originals

Did He Mean It?

Mahrez Paying The Penalty

The Benjamin Mendy School Of Fitness

Sweet FA

Cup Half Full Or Half Empty

There’s Something About Dias

Keeping the Wolves From The Door

Brains Of A Rocking Horse

Kenny's Second Coming - This Could Get Messi

One Trick Pony?

He’s Not The Messiah - He’s A Very Naughty Boy!


Lee One Pen

A Disgraceful Vendetta

Brewnardo - Disrespectful Or City Legend?

The Harlem Globetrotters Of Football

Can Foden Phil Silva’s Shoes?

Kevin Reeves - Sleeping With John Bond

Paul Lake - From England Squad To Drawing The Raffle

My Left Foot

Richard Edghill - Once a Blue Always a Blue

Nicky Weaver And The Ostrich Egg

The Three Rats With Jim Whitley

Educated Idiots

Tommy Booth - Grilled Chicken Not Rare Steak

Gary Owen - From Cleaning Boots To Fans Favourite

The Big Joe Show

Never Mind The Width, Feel The Quality

Memories Are Made Of This

Washing Your Dirty Linen In Public

Self Isolate For Real

Pep Is No Jimmy Frizzell

Nigel Does Nashville

Paying The Penalty

We Shall Fight Them On The Breaches

Cancel The Cup

Pray For Benjamin

We Don’t Pass Enough

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