Ryan Mason Announced For #SpursShowLIVE end of Season Party

The world’s most listened to Tottenham Hotspur podcast has done it again!

Ryan MAson does #SpursShowLIVE

They’ve gone and signed Spurs most recent retiree Ryan Mason for the end of season party on May 16th. There is no other player from the current Spurs squad that fans will get to hear and of course ask what’s it’s really like like in Poch’s (soon to be legendary) team, at #SpursShowLIVE’s legendary post show Q&A’s.

Tickets are available now at live.spursshow.net

Spurs Show Season Ticket Holders get a free ticket, plus two free tickets to the March and April private shows with Tony Galvin and Alan Mullery, priority access at at the door and for autographs and pics after, for only £10 a month at season.spursshow.net

(You’re adults, you can work out which is better value for you!)