iTunes Best of 2014

It’s not every day that iTunes chooses it’s Best Podcasts for the year, so we’re proud to announce that on the day they did choose, The Angelos and Barry Show got fingered for – The Best of 2014!

We admit it’s not a conventional podcast, having Watford’s most famous octogenarian and a Neasden’s most prolific benefits cheat discussing their life philosophies has drawn complaint and compliments from far and wide, including the UN, radio’s Christian O’Connell, the Mayoress of Watford and TV’s Bob Mortimer (Nick Knowles has yet to acknowledge the podcast exists).

Thank you to everyone for your part making The Angelos and Barry Show the hit podcast it is. And thank you iTunes for choosing this original podcast production over and above the big budget radio productions that end up as podcasts after they’ve already died on the wireless (or ‘repeats’ as Barry prefers to  call them).