The Confessions of a Superfan

When we decided to offer listeners the chance to bid on eBay for the guest spot on our podcasts, there were three things we weren’t expecting. One was was that bidding for the Spurs Show would go crazy and eventually halt at £655. The other thing is that winner of the guest seat on Not Just a Matter of Life and Death, the Liverpool podcast would be based in sunny Australia, a mere 17,000 kilometres from our studio in darkest Marylebone. The third thing we never saw coming was that we’d receive an email from Dubai International Airport saying that the boss has approved his leave and he was halfway to London now to record the podcast.

Sean McGerty is a telecoms engineer in Sydney, so you’d think he wouldn’t have found it too hard to connect by phone. But no, such is his love for Liverpool and (we blush to say) our podcast that he’s flying halfway round the world for just one day, to chat for 35 minutes with people he’s never met before, about football.

When we asked him ‘Why?’ he told us, “I’ve recently completed a 7,000km road trip with the family and we had the podcast on the whole journey.” In our book, that’s devotion enough. But to travel the globe to be part of the next episode, is way beyond the call of duty. Sean McGerty, we salute you!

When told of Mr McGerty’s pending day trip, TV producer Iain Coyle who hosts the podcast commented, “Is this a joke?”. No Iain, it’s really not.

Iain will be filling us in on this week’s Not Just a Matter of Life and Death on Tuesday 24th May.

Hear the podcast that the World couldn’t get in the way of, below: