Footballistically Arsenal is No1!

A sudden shock at Playback Towers left us with a gaping hole in our schedule and an overflowing inbox from desperate podcast loving Arsenal fans. We’re not your ‘sit on your hands’ types and thus after a few emails and calls to our friends in high places, a new Arsenal Podcast was born – and it’s Footballistically Arsenal!

Presented by Boyd Hilton, Dan Baldwin and Dermot O’Leary the Heat Mag / Celebrity Juice / X Factor combo have a different style to our previous Arsenal podcast, but nonetheless it works well and after just two shows is already another Playback Media hit.

A little less 24 hours after the iTunes page was announced, Footballistically Arsenal is the UK’s Number 1 Sports podcast and the 5th most popular in the UK overall (with that pesky Ricky Gervais blocking our way at #4!).

Footballistically Arsenal is available weekly from iTunesArsenalPodcast.Net and has supporting Facebook and Twitter communities contributing to it’s ongoing success.