Spurs Show Sell Out!

Being a small club is not something Tottenham Hotspur fans believe they are. So we’re done with being a ‘small’ podcast too! Yes, the podcast is multi-award winning and Coca-Cola and others have been patrons, but with tens of thousands listening around the World isn’t time we gave them more than just a free podcast? Something that they’ll love, but alsa covers our studio time and Phil’s weekly train fare?

Spurs Show Uniform

So, we’ve relaunched our merchandise range with these high quality Men Kick Football Goal t-shirts, as well as a fetching line poking fun at the North London neighbours (the mugs are already proving popular!).

If you like reading and who doesn’t occasionally, The Spurs Show Book Shop is now open containing our recommended reads, DVDs and other non-descript THFC related tat!

We’re also proud to announce that the bestselling Spurs Show iPhone app has been joined by an Android version and is only £1.00 for the rest of the week. If you’re an Android and not an Apple, grab it while it’s still on sale!

Spurs Show Android App

Spurs Show Android App