All Hail The Whistleblower!

Another Great New Football Podcast for 2010!

Following on from our successful World Cup series ‘It’ll Go To Penalties‘ we had calls from the twittersphere for more of the same. But there’s not a World Cup we replied. ‘We don’t care’ they tweeted back!

So, enlisting one of the finest and funniest minds again from his pre-season trial on ‘Penalties’, Mark Webster has returned to chair our new ‘general’ football show, ‘The Whistleblowers‘ (it’s generally about football). With new guests joining each week to pitch in their opinion on the last week’s soccer related events it’s a fast paced sprint to the other end, guaranteeing to score every time.

If you like football, like to laugh and like any of our other podcasts, you’re going to like this too!

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