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Boardwalk Bobby

Booed, Bothered, Bewildered

Last Huzzah for Hazard

In His Own Words - Jay's Story

Point Of Sale Players

I’m Sarri, I Haven’t a Clue

The Fear Never Leaves You

Chicken Kiev

The Goalkeeper In The Room

Bag Check For Andy


All Too Abstract

Oi Oi Odoi

The H Bomb

Strong Foundations Built By King Canners

Sarri Seems to Be the Hardest Word

Putting Our House In Order

Muck and Bullets


Real Deal or No Deal

The Chels Live... and its live!

The Italian Job

Love to Leicester

Christmas in Burnley

Chelsea Blue, Berber Blue

Henderson on Toast

Gran Sarrismo

Ron's Pale Ale

Rons Maple Syrup

César Johnstone Pounding Down The Wing

Hurry Up Sarri, Come On

The Name Is Arrizabalaga Baby!!!

Other Opinions Are Available

Lobbed Seaman From 35 Yards

Never Write Off The Canadians

Never Write Off The Kung Fu Dentist

It's All A Fix

Loftus Cheeky Bet On England

Whistleblowers Road to Russia


It Sounded Like Everyone From The 70s

Animal Magic

Standing Room Only

Fran and Stand

Saints Preserve Us

Terry Loves A Chopper

Engineering Our Future

I Love A Big Cockerel

Cup Delusions

A Crime Against Podcasts

Coulda Woulda Shoulda

Double D Giroud

50 Shades Of Garry

Shopping at the Crock Shop

Should He Stay Or Should He Go

Neil Barnett Ate The World Cup

Andy's Sanchez Hair Envy

Barkley Banked

Who He The Kiwi

Andys Kebab And Chips

Leave Alonso Alone

The Wanderers Return

The Red Heron

Hard Cheese, Emmentalo

Hurry Up On The Tube Dave

Plastic Wednesday

Patience Is A Virtue

No Pain In Spain

Well Done Noone

Garry 4 Gary

Azeri Salad

Bake Off Baku

It's All About Quantity Not Quality

Reasons To Be Fearful Part 3

Text, Lines and Video Tapes

Its only the first bloody game

Sean Dyche and the Mods

Spunk It On Bale

From Cobham To Wembley

Champions and Eddie McCreadie

Premature Congratulations - Part 2

Premature Congratulations

He's Got A Foot Like A Traction Engine

Seven Point Itch

Ceri, Star of the Matrix

‘arder than Stoke

Makelele on 3 Weetabix

Those Magnificent Glutes On That Flying Mach

The Spanish Imposition

It's a Kind of Magic...Hat

Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea

Jesus is the new Oscar

Bye Bye Branovic

Egghead Barry Gets It

Go to China, Me Old China

Terry in Slumberland

Bobby Tambling Special

I'm not a person that loves the stats

Pat's Stats

Nobody Loves Him More Than Phil

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