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Ruthless Not Toothless

The Poacher

Tickets Please!

High Characters

I’m a Grown-up

Andy’s Stockings

Circumstance or Chaos?

‘Ave it and ‘Ave it Again

Marco van Mount

Hammers for the High Jump

Massive Plastic

Yes, Boss!

N’golo Essien

Anyone Got a Ticket?

Cliché? What Cliché?

On Being Ruthless

Reece is the Word

The Double Bubble Perm

Activate Rudiger

Rick Glanvill is My Dad

The Accidental Footballer

Top of the League, We’re Having a Laugh

Saints Bounceback

Birthday Blues

Part 2 - Chelsea V Man City

DThiagoal N’Goal Rüdigoal

Double Trouble Part 2

Double Trouble

10 Men Kept Out Mo

King Rom Part 2

King Rom

Back to the Bridge Part 2

Back to the Bridge

Tuchelsea and Beyond!

Never Write Off Marrying Jordan Pickford

Champions of Europe… Again!

A Different Gravy

Shirt Week

The Trophy Hunters

Swear Box

Battle of the Boardrooms

Never In Doubt

From Estadio Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán to Wember-lee!

Champions League All Round

The Barking Dog

Sweaty Jackets

Great To Rotate

Kante’s Week

I’m Listening

Help The Aged

Tuchel For School

In From The Cold

Frank’s For The Memories

The Right Three Points

Overthinking It

Blue Xmas for the Blues

For The Love Of Football

Chelsea Dream Scene

Like A Sparrowhawk

From Wren To Rennes

Place Your Bets

The Conductor

Puli-Sick Note (© Harry Saunders)

Thiago Silva

The Defence Win Titles

The Case for the Defence

Guardiola Out!!!

Tomorrow Belongs to Tomori?

Selfishly Selfless

The Chels Preview


Keeping The Wolves From The Door

Much Less Bother With A Kova!

Not Fade Away

Pure Dynamite

Weird To Clap, Weird To Dance


Are You Insane?

From Timo to Tino

No Words Required

No Redemption

Subbuteo Subbuteo

Statue for John Obi Mikel

Thank You King’s Road

Missing Dirty Leeds

The Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

The Cat And I

Who Ain’t Got No History?

Building Foundations

Micky B and the Alternative Universe

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ’Til It’s Gone

The Hype Train

Are You Recording?

Growing Pains

The Bouncy Castle

Tenuous Tickets

Chelsea Through And Through

Geordie Grief And Gooner Gloom

Away Is The New Home

We’re Still Fourth

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