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Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea

Jesus is the new Oscar

Bye Bye Branovic

Egghead Barry Gets It

Go to China, Me Old China

Terry in Slumberland

Bobby Tambling Special

I'm not a person that loves the stats

Pat's Stats

Nobody Loves Him More Than Phil

That Charlie Colkett Interview

Blimey O'Reilly

666, The Number of the Beasts

Black and Blue - LIVE with Paul Canoville

Live At The Albany

Space in the final frontier

Pogba Aint No Drogba

Diego Costas Finishing School for Gentlemen

Costa Tropical

The Only Way Is Up

Crisis, What Crisis?

You Can See It From The Moon

The Conte And Kante Show

Gilly's Ballet Shoes

French SemiOn

Euroblurred Vision

Don't Say The L Word

Captain, Leader, Legend

Dead Cat Bounce

Beach Football

Frank Irby

Drive All Night To Watch The Blues

Michael Winner's Losers' Dinners

In The Mixed Zone With The Fourth Estate

End Of Season Extravaganza

Does Shakira Play For Stoke

The Cherry On The Cake

Mikel, You've Got a Bogey

Kevin Wilson's 'tache

… And Stay Out!

Ceri’s Got Rabies

I Had a Dream

The Chef, Me And Ziggy

The Home Of Beef Noodle Soup

Up For The Cup

Sean Connery Is A Dutchman

Blue Christmas

Doing It For The Kids

The Last Mourinho Show

Under Question. But Who?

Breaking Claudio's Run

Friends Reunited

Diego Costa's School For Scoundrels

Pomfret Rivenall

Bimble About

Jose Mourinho Special (Andy Won't Like That)

The Man in The Mirror


Ten Men Went to Moo

Who Put the Hel in Chelsea?

Honestly, You Can’t Play 4-4-2

It's Much Worse in Real Life

Trevor Laird, Football Einstein

Agent Cech Has Been Activated

From Les Mis to Stamford Bridge

Open Top Podcast Parade

Victory Lap of Honour

Let The Dogs Bark

The Crazy World of Izzy Brown

He's Only Twenty

The Good Old Bad Old Days, Still Only A Pound

Rank At The Back

Chicken Legs

Forget Isaac Hayes We've Got Emma Hayes

Luiz'y Come, Luiz'y Go!

Montezuma's Revenge

Give Ivanovic An Oscar

Give Us a Smile, Brana

We've Forgotten Frank

Now We Can Concentrate on the League

Oscar, Costa, Costa, Oscar, Schurrle

Frank - in his own words


Changing The Spatiality

Obi Wan Mikel

Gerbils In A Cage

The Chels Live Xmas Show with Alan Hudson!

Costa Del Goal

Hijo De Puta

Urry Up And Shut Up Jose

Race You Back To London

Eagle, Drone Or Parrot?

Flick up the Arse

The Matrix Scrum

Sleeping With Bears

Triple Costa With A Single Remy

Put That Cerveza Down

Castro GTX

The Taken One

A Haruki Murakami Novel

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