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Hughes Sorry Now?

Sinc Or Swim

The Toronto Connection

Take 2

On The Team Bus With Impey and Gallen (#QPRLIVE Part 2)

Honney I’m Home

Jekyll And Hyde And Clive

Class Of 93 - Sinton and Impey #QPRLIVE

It's Just Like Watching Clint Hill

Aroused By January

Time For Heroes

Sinton On The Dock Of The Bay

Zig While The World Zags

Adehli Belly

The Pod that Fell to Earth

Really Love Your Tiger Feet

Tally Ho!

An Evening With Gerry Francis

Please, Please, Please Let Us Get Who We Want

Finney Bingo

Make Room For Les' Chopper

Dunne To Mutch, Mutch To Yun

Never Write Off The Germans - World Cup 2014 Preview

World Cup 2014 Preview

We Are Premier League

#QPRLIVEPOD Part I - The Rodcast

Rangers Fighting Tooth And Nail


The Leggy Charlie Austin

Return Of The Mackie

Gary Waddock’s Season Ticket

The Invisible Shaun Derry

The Right Honourable Bobby Zamora

QPR’s Shankley

Byrne Baby Byrne

Cooking On Gas, Ale Faurlin Special

Grumble in the Jungle

Finney’s Meticulous Roadshow Sponsored By Creme Eggs

Devon Might

Brits, Fanni And Rangers

A Week Off To Reflect

Austin Flowers

You Can’t Knock Zamora

Live From Doha

Campbell's In The Soup

On The Perch With Birch

Not Complaining, But...

Hair To The Midfield Throne

Upside Downes

Eyes are Blue, He's After You

3pts on Sat and The Ashes Please

Jr Senior

Ward Of The Rings

Inbetween R's Part Duex

Doing it the Le Havre Way

Deadline Bard

Head Boy Chief

3 Wise Men and Finney

The R's end of the Premiership

Day of the Triffic's

Going to Hull in a Handcart

Carry On Relegation starring Mark Lazarus

Win 7, Stay Up!

Harakiri R's

Park Ji-Sung Special

Dinner with Clive and Les

Inbetween R's

London Byrn-In

Wild Thing I Think I Love You

Flat as a Pancake

Lucky Knickers!

We're Score 5 Said Clive

Thank you Derry Much

That joke isn't Finney Any More

Cut Mackie some Flak

Festive Feck Off

The Zoo on Our Back

Better Than Swindon

Everything's Rosie With Arry

The Mark of Sorrow

The Disaster Show

Mark Bowen Talks (a lot)

Same Shit Different Day

Tweetly Vote Of Confidence

Kevin Gallen - Still Magic

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Ben And Derry's

Stirred Not Shaken

The Testimonial Edition

The Original Captain, Leader, Legend, Alan Mcdonald

Gino! Gino!


We'll Take Eleventh

Seventeenth, Wooo!

The Season in 90 Seconds, But It Was Over 2 Minutes

Bridge of Sighs

Lets Knock Them Off Their Birch

Four Game Plan

Free the Derry one

Love you Lang time