Got Gameweek?

New to the Playback Media Network is Gameweek: the unofficial podcast for the Fantasy Premier League. Hosted by Matt Dyson (from The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show and Rock n Roll Football on Absolute Radio) and Dan Prior (from Global Radio) who invite you climb aboard their Tactics Truck each week to look at who’s hot and who’s not in the FPL.

Often taking a bizarre musical twist, their analysis is far from mundane. Forget the traditional idea of a fantasy football podcast, with a group of nerds huddled around a microphone in a bedsit talking for hours on end about the pros and cons of signing James Milner…. Gameweek is a slick, professionally made machine, led by a pair of jokers who tend to curse any players they recommend.

Previous guests who’ve popped by to out themselves as FPL geeks include TV and Radio presenter Dave Berry, The Football Ramble’s Pete Donaldson and BBC 6 Music’s Jon Hillcock.

With 5 star reviews across the board on iTunes, they’re now regularly in the top bunch of the ‘Sports and Recreation’ section of the podcast charts. As Matt and Dan say at the end of each episode, ‘It may be a fantasy, but it’s f***ing serious’.

You can get more Gameweek on iTunes and Acast.